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Ship Chandler Japan Publications Supply

Ship Chandler Japan Publications Supply

Ship Chandler Japan, one of the top leading suppliers of nautical charts and publications worldwide serving more than 1000 vessels. Through Ship Chandler Japan head office in Japan and our sub-distributors around the world, Ship Chandler Japan trade paper & electronic charts, digital products as well as marine electronics. Ship Chandler Japan considerbeing pioneers in the field of electronic charts in which Ship Chandler Japan steadily invest both in financial and human resources.

Ship Chandler Japan supplying lastest edition and corrected all kind publications, Ship Chandler Japan providing your vessel need all kinds publications ( Nautical, Itu Publications )

“Ship Chandler Japan” has been in service in maritime branch since 1992

With it is education organizations, Ship Chandler Japan acts as a pioneer in producing qualified work power in maritime field. It has targeted to educate this work power donated with all kinds of information and abilities any wordwide firm demands.

Ship Chandler Japan has become a market from which any sort of maritime materials can be provided and has established the first online marketing system in this sense.

Ship Chandler Japan has formed Ship Chandler Japan Publishing, so has become a publishing house presenting both its own and other native and foreign publishings. In additions to these, it has been serving as the distributor of these publishings with achievement which deserves to be taken in to consideration.

Ship Chandler Japan aims to participate to development of our country in maritime field.

Ship Chandler Japan Imports / Actives

  • Admiralty Charts and Publishing
  • Electronic Charts (ENC-ARC-AVC)
  • IMO Publishings
  • ITU Publishings
  • Navmaster Ecdis
  • Pyro Technical Material
  • LifeJackets and Lifebuoys
  • Life Raft and Life boat equipments
  • IMO Sings
  • Log Books, Pennants and Flags
  • SHOD Charts & Publications
  • Maritime Training
  • Professional Maritime Publications
  • Fire / Safety Equipments
  • Bridge Instruments
  • Marine Chemicals
  • Technical Equipments / Measuring Tools
  • Stationary, Hardware, Batteries